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 Available  from CreateSpace Distributors in Paperback and Amazon Kindle E-book format  "Junia Reggae : The Journey from King St." The Reggae story from in the trenches with a virtual "who is who" of the genre, such as The Wailers, Third World, John Holt, Keith Hudson, Coxsone Dodd, Dennis Brown to name a few. Read of the '80s political upheavals in Kingston and the Wailers drummer Carlton Barrett's opinion of  Bob Marley's death  and much more in a journey through the cities of Kingston, New York, Philadelphia, Houston, Maryland, Atlanta and across the Atlantic to London, Paris and Amsterdam. While maneuvering through  an array of personal family responsibilities and lifestyle habits that were contrary to laws that triggered internal and external life-changing events.

UK Paperback outlets :  Pempamsie - Unity is Strength, 102 Brixton Hill, Brixton, London SW2 1AH Tel.:020 8671 0800  ** Foyles Bookshop, 107 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H ODT, Tel: 020 7437 5660 ** Memories Take-away Restaurant, 17 Beulah Road, Thornton Heath, London CR7 8JH **





   PICK -A- DUB - my first album produced along with Keith Hudson, I came up with the idea, picked the Dubs and financed the project. A clandestine release in the UK pre-empted the Kingston, Jamaica release but would become evident later when the Jamaican label printers had a broken "t" in their stencil printing and printed "Satta" the main track of the album, and the UK replicators printed and registered it as "Satia" till today. The project was for me to pick the Hudson productions of my choice which were to be Dub-mixed such as the title track "Pick-a-Dub"(S-90 Dub), "Black Heart"(True to my heart Dub), "Alright Dub"(This Natty Alright Dub),"Michael Talbot Affair"(Place in Africa Dub) all the rest were Hudson/Walker collaborations for singles or recorded from scratch especially for the album such as "Satta"(Satta-a-masa-gana Dub), "Black Right"(Declaration of Rights Dub), "Depth Charge"(Still Waters Dub), "Don't Move"(Be Still Dub), "Blood Brother"(Baby let me hold your hand Dub), "Dreader Than"(No need no soldering), "In the Rain Dub" 1 and 2 was the first Hudson/Walker collaborative production.Walker requesting that his name not appear base on his employment contract turned out to be the the opening of the flood-gates of mis-representations of firstly the performance as the emphasis of the production was the drum and bass of "Carly" and "Familyman" Barrett and the Dub-mixing of engineer King Tubby, then there was approximately four different productions of "Pick-a-Dub" by Keith Hudson in as many different sleeves over a three year period. Anyway the satisfaction of the global acceptance of the album from a humble DJ that played at bank parties out weighs all the underhandedness, things like this album had been a favorite of legendary DJ John Peel, and others who say it's one of the top 5 Dub albums of all time is priceless.

Closest audio to original Jamaican master in 1974, note label color to avoid inferior quality piracy.

PICK - A- DUB CD - With identical audio enhancement as the vinyl.

 ROCK, REGGAE SHOWCASE - First vocal album released by Junia Walker, in Showcase style of vocals followed by Dubs. Released in New York, USA in the Summer of 1984 on the new Jusic International Inc. label based Cromwell Heights in Philadelphia. Featuring the Reggae "Summertime" with Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace unique drum pattern.


DE ATTACK - Released during the period of working with High Times label and trying to revive our Keith Hudson / Junior Walker Joint International label as Jusic Joint International with Jean Hudson. A compilation of  new artistes associated with Jusic and High Times and backed by the High Times band.


DUB JUSIC - First Solo Dub album production by Junior Walker released on vinyl in London, England in 1989 on the Jusic International label and re-issued in 2001 under license by Walboomers of the Netherlands, now returns in Summer 2016.

2017 new 21 track Digital album by Junia Walker, some new some improved and some previously only released on Various Artistes compilations.

STILL WATERS - First time original vocal done in 2011 on a Dub track recorded in 1974 as DEPTH CHARGE from the PICK-A-DUB album which is on the "B" side.


BLACK AFRICA - From Junior Walker's first vocal studio recording in 1981 at Harry J's Studio, Kingston.


DOWN DOWNPRESSER - Original pressing released in London, UK 2002.


I an JAH - First Jusic rhythm track  to be recorded in the UK at Matumbi Studio, Brixton.


HE DID / WALKER JOHN/ NO BANGARANG / BANGARANG DUB - First Jusic International 10" vinyl release. Original pressing London, UK 2003.


THE CONFERENCE TABLE - Taken from the album ROOTS, ROCK,REGGAE SHOWCASE:THE SEQUEL. Original pressing London UK 2004.


GLAD TIDINGS - First Jusic International CD, released in London, UK in 2000

ROOTS,ROCK,REGGAE SHOWCASE:THE SEQUEL - Second Showcase album of vocals followed by Dubs, original pressing released in London, UK in 2004.


GET YOUR MIND RIGHT - A New York/ Jamaica production featuring  earlier Jusic productions.


REMIX - Digital album made up of experimental remixes by Junior Walker of Jusic International tracks.





 JUSIC 30 YEARS OF DUB AND MORE.......- 30 tracks in Volume 1 and 2 spanning more than 30 years of some notable Jusic International releases.

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  Jusic International was founded in June 1979 and has been producing quality Reggae music since, we have now  also launched our UK Hip Hop label Hip Hop Jusic and our Jusic Publication "Junia Reggae : The Journey from King St.", still concentrating on Roots and Reality with a emphasis on godliness and truth and rights.
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